Harvey’s Best Bitter

At the Town’s of Ramsgate,

On the other side of the river,

having a Harvey’s Best

after a long walk on the docks

I had a sip and suddenly,

this after work photography session made sense;

Even if honestly,

I didn’t catch nothing memorable.

A new adventure (Soon)

And here I am, back from holidays. This time, due to obvious reason (the Covid lock-down), I really needed a break. At the beginning of the year I was planning to work until April, then a short break in Bamberg and surroundings, then back to work until June, another break, etc etc

In fact, because my job involves my passion – I think sometimes I get myself far too much involved and I not only spend my usual everyday speaking about beer – my friends are actually almost all colleagues and beer related and I tend to speak and think about it 95 percent of my day.

It happened that, after seven continuous month without a break (lock-down included), I was getting crazy. All this overload and over stress brought me to realize that something was wrong in what I was trying to achieve. I was trying to go professionally through a way that, simply, was not for me.

I don’t want to spit in the plate I ate for such a long time (around 3 years) – it was a great experience, probably the best I had in my life. The amount of stuff, of expertise support and mentoring that you can have working for a big size brewery is incredible and far away from every small sized brewery. But there is a time where ideas and passion start to get in contrast with your job constraints – at least this was what happened to me. I started feeling that what I was learning was not so much important for my future, because the road I want to go was different from the road the company I was working for had taken since long time.

Therefore…one day, I just realized I needed to accomplish this needs, and the only way to do that, It was to give up my big size brewery important job and to Join a small business, where I will be able to express myself and the ideas I constantly speak about in this blog too. I will contribute to a small size brewery, to a project and a community I like, making beer I like, getting contacts, making new friends, going back to festivals. Yeah, from my prospective, might be an economical suicide, but its a really cool way of becoming responsible of who I really want to be and finally getting out of my boring comfort zone. I have to admit that it was not this simple as I am telling now, but… you know what? Moving house, changing city, revolutionize my life, etc etc – its an experience that will improve me wherever it will ends up. Everyday I face a new challenge I have a better feeling that this is the right choice for me. I feel happy and energized again.

Maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong. Who cares in the end? Its the dawn of a new adventure, and I am very excited!

25 minutes well spent

On the ”Easy Sunday Post” that i have on my blog, this week i want to share the latest Brewers Journal Podcast (I listen to it in Spotify, however, its in all the main Podcast platforms).

Yvan De Baets, legendary co-founder of Brasserie de la Senne in Brussels speaks about the ”Beer Geeks”. I really agree with what he is saying, and in particular I feel really good about the fact that my ”weird” ideas for the World of Beer are not really a whisper in the noise; there is someone important who is resisting to today’s non-sense trends. In any case, even if you don’t approve (and if you don’t, i would like to understand why and eventually start a constructive discussion in the comments) – it is always good to have a different point of view

Trust in me, these are 25 minutes of listening well spent! Enjoy


No, I am not dead.

I didn’t give up this small project I have, I just took advantage of the removal of the air bridges and the self-quarantine for a quick unplanned 12 days break in my beloved Heimat. So unplanned that I didn’t have time to plan any post, therefore the two week silence.

I will be back soon with some new post and an interesting news. It’s time for me to start doing something interesting, instead of just writing casually about. We will see what this will bring me.

Cheers for now!

Table Beer Mosaic of Newbarns Brewery

After a looong wait (in full lock-down alcoholic mood), here i am finally having my hands on this beer. Newbarns brewery have caught my attention since the beginning and is definitely a brewery to keep an eye on: first reason is because i live in Scotland and we needed something new and fresh since long time (let’s just say that the potential of this country has been a bit stuck, there are some nice exceptions however) ; second reason is because to me it has a mindset and a range of beer i particularly approve – this is personal though.

This first batch of Table beer is brewed in reality in UK at the legendary The Kernel brewery – where two of the founders were working before starting their project. The Covid-19 slowed down the brewery commissioning and so, to thirst the supporter’s mouths and to get some support, they decided to contract brew their first batches (this beer and a Pale ale at the Kernel, an out of the scheme Oat Lager and a classic Pils at Burning Sky). To be really honest, i should have wait to taste the first in-house batch before writing an honest review – However i like to think that the beer might change slightly, but the real meaning and interpretation of the style should remain the same so batch 1 or batch 34 doesn’t change nothing in my opinion. As i wrote in the past, this is not an objective review or something like usual style report of a beer (there are plenty of website where you can have this experience, this is just my personal blog).

My fancy photo

So here we are. I have to admit, being a fanboy of The Kernel didn’t help because my expectation about this beer were extremely high – and what i was expecting was different. Indeed i was surprised of what i tasted and in a surprising positive way. This is an extreme interpretation of the style – extreme and risky in a way I like. Whoever have drank Table style beers (more classic interpretations) knows that these are really simple and balanced – in fact they are meant to be ”everyday” beer for high volume consume. This is definitely an everyday beer at 3% abv, but the aroma (a real fresh Mosaic wonderful punch since you pour in the glass) and bitterness reminds more of a Micro IPA. Surely, the bitterness of this beer is on the extreme end (is a really bitter beer) that as i said, it can surprise many (included myself). But although i like to think about Table beer in a less bitter way – this is another brewer interpretation and i enjoyed as it is, extreme but well done. Not a beer without personality, for sure. The truly goal of a Table beer is being ‘consumable’ i suppose and this target is reached without any doubt. In a hot summer day (very rare, in Scotland) all you want to do is to be out in a Park or in a Town terrace an drink a beer like this without sweating alcohol after 2 sips.

Well Newbarns team, good luck for your adventure and hopefully i will find time to attend your festival when Scotland will be in phase Festival approved. Cheers